We could have countless pages filled with studies outlining the benefits of tea but to put it simply

- It has powerful antioxidant properties protecting body cells against damage
- It boosts your daily fluid requirement keeping you hydrated and alert
- It helps to maintain a healthy heart by improving arterial function
- It tops up your fluoride intake protecting teeth and gums for a great smile

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Our staple free string and tag tea bags are perfect for those who want the convenience of a tea bag in a pot or mug. What’s more, our tea bags will break down completely in your compost bin at the same rate as other kitchen and garden waste. Even the box, tags and envelopes, when crumpled and torn, will disappear after approx. 6 months in your compost.

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We are always trying to do our best for the Environment

- We try to recycle what we can’t re-use
- We do not leave appliances on standby
- We try to boil the right amount of water.
- We coordinate deliveries to minimise our carbon footprint

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