About Us

bellevue tea is an independently owned family business based in Wandsworth, London. Quite simply, here at bellevue tea we want you to have the best possible tea drinking experience whether from our tea bags or from our fine leaf tea. It was founded by Clare Jones, whose tea knowledge is based on years of meeting tea producers, tea brokers and tea tasters brought home by her tea trader husband, Mike. Not surprisingly she has drunk numerous cups of tea in the process.

Noticing that tea bag drinkers were being poorly served by drearily packaged products which harked back to times gone by, she decided to create a beautifully designed and packaged range of string and tag tea bags fit for the 21st century. These bags  would taste as good as they looked and provide pleasure from the moment the packets are  spied on the shop shelf, to when the tea bag is picked out of the box, unwrapped, placed in a cup or pot, brewed and sipped.

Our commitment to sourcing the finest quality tea is made possible by the expertise Mike has gained from working at the heart of the London tea trade and from the personal and business relationships he has forged with knowledgeable experts on the ground. These people possess great skill and take great pride and satisfaction from producing top quality tea.

Tea is so much a part of our everyday life that it is easy to take it for granted. The process of getting tea from the bush to our cup involves many different people and their skills. At Bellevue we value the work done by everyone who helps bring the teas to us. Through our long association with the tea trade we aim to source the finest teas from estates where the workers and the environment are looked after and respected.

 bellevue tea is really pleased to be able offer a fine leaf collection carefully sourced by Mike for those who want to explore the infinite and exciting variety that the world of tea has to offer.

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